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Jolteon Gold Star Graded Card Mystery Grab Bags


*Only 15 Available!*


1 Lucky lot will receive the chase card, A PSA 10 Gold Star Jolteon from EX Power Keepers! One other lot will recieve a PSA 7 Base Set Charizard(Japanese; not pictured, don’t have current

pictures of it) 4 lucky lots will receive a Vintage booster pack as their random booster pack!

Other lots will be available, some with more graded cards or more booster packs inside, but the

chase card will be different! If you’re chasing the Elusive Gold Star Jolteon or the Charizard, this

is the lot for you!! 


YOU WILL RECEIVE: This lot contains 1 Graded Card(graded 7 or higher, PSA, CGC, or BGS only), 3 Random Sealed Booster packs(1/5 Booster packs will receive a Vintage pack(WOTC, Diamond/Pearl, Etc.), 5 Raw(non-graded) holographic cards(3 reverse, 2 regular Holo), and other extras!


EXTRAS: 1 25 Card mystery pack+3 PokémonTCG Online Code Cards from various

sets/collection boxes!

Jolteon Gold Star Graded Card Mystery Bags - Only 15 Available!

$92.99 Regular Price
$88.34Sale Price
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