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You will receive 1x Random Vintage PokemonTCG booster pack! You will also receive 1 extra Vintage card!

*OUR DEFINITION OF VINTAGE IS ANYTHING FROM THE BLACK & WHITE ERA OR BEFORE! This is important, because other people have other definitions of Vintage.*

Sets available include:

•Unlimited Base Set - English & Spanish

•1st Edition Jungle - English

•1st Edition Team Rocket - English or Japanese

•Unlimited Team Rocket - English

•Unlimited Neo Destiny - English

•Unlimited Neo Genesis - English

•Ex Power Keepers - English

•Ex Ruby & Sapphire - English

•Ex Team Rocket Returns - English

•Expedition Base set - English

•Diamond & Pearl Base Set - English

•D/P Mysterious Treasures - English

•D/P Stormfront - English or Japanese

•D/P Great Encounters - English

•Platinum Arceus - English

•Platinum Rising Rivals - English

•Heartgold/Soulsilver Base set - English or Spanish

•HGSS Triumphant - English

•HGSS Unleashed - English

•Black & White Base Set - English

•B&W Legendary Treasures - English

•B&W Dragons Exalted - English

•B&W Plasma Blast - English

•B&W Plasma Freeze - English


1 Random Vintage PokemonTCG Booster Pack + 1 Vintage Card

$92.99 Regular Price
$67.99Sale Price
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